There are no refunds or transfer of fees from one bootcamp to another. We have a very high attendance record because this is structured fitness and not come when you feel like. When something is so good no one ever wants to miss. To create that fitness change and see the difference it takes some level of discipline. The bootcamp is only four weeks and hopefully you will not be ill, injured, snowed in, working late, being a social butterfly, having a fair weather day or just cannot motivate yourself. Like most of our clients you will arrange any social activities around the bootcamp. On the bootcamp you are doing something for you, because you matter.

The sessions are only one hour long and that’s two evenings a week and one weekend day (fifty minutes long), so lots of time for other things. Depending on your sport injury, alternative exercises will be given and only in extreme circumstances will a transfer of sessions be given (details of this are sent via email) provided a proper doctors note is supplied to us. The bootcamp is only three times a week for four weeks and the instructor is always there and so are the majority of participants. We say be at your bootcamp and make the most of your experience. If you truly want to make a difference with your fitness then you have to follow our structured fitness.

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