Musculoskeletal problems as in sport injuries, pain and tension, tight muscles (spasm, cramp, muscle contracture) and trigger points can all be treated with Sports Massage.

This deep tissue massage aims to restore structural alignment and balance within the body by releasing chronic/ persistent pain and tensions which inhibits the posture and free movement of the muscles and body. The tissue over time becomes rehabilitated through massage and proper function is restored.

To restore muscle and joint function and to increase the flow of energy a variety of massage techniques are used such as effleurage, petrissage, frictions, percussion and tapotement and vibrations.

Sports Injuries can be resolved if treated early and effectively. There is no need to walk around in pain. Book in for an appointment and we will alleviate you pain.

Treat an injury early to prevent long term dysfunction.

Benefits of Sports Massage

    • Improves Flexibility
    • Improves Posture
    • Alleviates aches and pain from muscle tension
    • Reduces Pressure on associated joint structures
    • Increases Range of Joint Motion

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